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In December 2014, President Obama announced the commencement of normalizing relations with Cuba. No simple or quick task, the President’s decision to change course after more than 50 years will require a significant overhaul of current US law that could impact every citizen and US business interested in having a relationship of any kind, recreational or corporate, with Cuba.

With a rapidly changing political, business and legal landscape, how can today’s senior level decision makers best understand and navigate the current and projected Cuban framework by which a significant portion of their future corporate strategy could depend on?

In direct response to demand from our clients for access to quality education on doing business in Cuba, Momentum is proud to provide the following resources for senior level decision makers across multiple industries as well as their advisors and service providers.


Upcoming Events



1. 2nd U.S. – Cuba Corporate Counsel Summit: October 7th, Penn Club of New York

Presented by Knowledge@Wharton, The Lauder Institute and Momentum, the 2nd U.S. –  Cuba Corporate Counsel Summit will again bring together GC’s from major US corporations charged with the task of navigating through the regulatory landscape. They will be joined by outside counsel from the US and Cuba who have the expertise they need. Ensure that you are fully prepared to advise your organization or your clients on the legal and regulatory challenges facing them as they move towards Cuba.


2. Cuba Finance, Infrastructure & Investment Summit: October 8th, Penn Club of New York

Presented by Knowledge@Wharton, The Lauder Institute and Momentum, the Cuba Finance, Infrastructure & Investment Summit will bring together investors, advisors and policy makers to discuss the opportunities for investment in Cuba infrastructure projects. Join us for the only event that will bring together the individuals who will shape the Cuban investment landscape for years to come. “First movers” will have a major advantage which means that having the right strategy in place – as well as a deep understanding of “how things are done” in Cuba – will be the keys to success.


3. The Inaugural Knowledge Mission: Havana: November 9-12, Havana, Cuba

Continue the learning by attending the inaugural Knowledge Mission, a 4 day, 3 night organized trip to Cuba that will provide attendees with first-hand experience of the business opportunities and cultural environment in Cuba. Meet with leading business, community and policy leaders in both formal and informal settings, visit areas of local interest, experience Cuban food, music and culture and be part of this historic event.


4. The Second Cuba Opportunity Summit: March 2016, New York City

With a sold-out audience of more than 250 attendees, keynote presentations from Maria Contreras-Sweet, Administrator, Small Business Administration, Stefan M. Selig, Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade at the U.S. Department of Commerce and Roberta S. Jacobson, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, U.S. Department of State and more than 30 media placements from Miami Herald, CNNMoney, MSNBC, Associated Press and our exclusive broadcast partner CNBC, among other outlets, the Cuba Opportunity Summit has quickly established itself as the one event where decision makers, policy makers, administration officials and investors come together to discuss opportunities for U.S. businesses in Cuba. The second iteration will provide all the essential information needed for today’s senior decision maker and investor to execute a successful market entry strategy.

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Announcing the Cuba Opportunity Summit YouTube Channel 


Subscribe today to the Cuba Opportunity YouTube Channel presented by Knowledge@Wharton, Lauder Institute and Momentum to watch session highlights and access content related to our “Doing Business in Cuba” portfolio.





The Road to Cuba
The Opportunities and Risks for US Business
Foreword by Mauro Guillén, Faquiry Diaz Cala, and Gustavo Arnavat
Knowledge@Wharton reports on the US business opportunities and risks arising from President Barack Obama’s announcement of his intention to normalize relations with Cuba.






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