Fast Forward: Executive Strategies for Personal Digital Transformation

The Penn Club, New York City
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Executive Strategies for Personal Digital Transformation

The Penn Club, New York City

November 2, 2015   Add To Calendar

Fast Forward is an invitation-only event. Our guests are C-Level executives at the most innovative brands embracing digital transformation. Are you a senior executive from a major brand? To request an invitation, please contact Marketing Director, Misha Shah to learn more about becoming a part of our community.



“What is important first and foremost is for leaders to be open to learning and have that attitude of exploration and trying to acquire new knowledge.”

— Kartik Hosanagar, Wharton Professor of Operations, Information & Decisions


Digital transformation – in the shape of mobile deployment, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, growing use of data and analytics and social tools – is redefining the way business is done around the world. This transformation has created both opportunities and challenges for companies as they work to navigate the difficult tasks of adapting to new business realities. Forward thinking leaders who want to position their organizations to embrace the future and win new opportunities will chart an effective course by establishing a road map that spans everything from technology to organizational culture and change management. Join Mphasis, Knowledge@Wharton, senior digital and strategy experts who possess firsthand guidance on how to best navigate digital transformation for this unique one-day event and learn how to best craft your own firm’s roadmap to transformation.

It can be lonely at the top. Any given company only has one CEO, CMO, CIO or CDO and therefore the executives in these roles lack peers against whom to benchmark their decisions. Navigating digital transformation requires not only a deep understanding of your own corporate culture, but also an ability to foresee the needs of your customers in the years to come. Astute digital leaders must be prepared to understand the depth of digital transformation required to not only transform your enterprise but also to transform the executives who will be leading the path to change. By sharing personal stories of transformation from Business Leaders in combination with insightful academic analysis from Wharton faculty this event will light the path to a Future Ready Organization.

This single day invitation-only event brings together top executives from major brands to share their experiences both on stage and in the audience. You will leave Fast Forward not only with strategies for embracing digital transformation but also with a network of peers to call on for support as your journey continues.

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